How to Use YouTube to Increase Leads in B2B Advertising

B2B Marketing

Youtube, which has over 2.3 billion users, is the second most popular site on the planet. It should be part of a b2b marketing plan.

This article will provide some useful tips for integrating Youtube into your marketing strategy to generate more leads. Also, if you face any difficulty implementing these marketing strategies you can always get help from a Digital Specialist.

Let’s take a look at some important aspects that you should consider when you bring your business on Youtube.


Make a Youtube channel

Although it may seem trivial to do so, the first step to publishing video content on Youtube involves creating a channel.

It is important to consider the b2b marketing strategy and set up a business account which allows for more flexible management of the account, even for multiple employees.


Know your audience

It is crucial to understand who may be interested in your videos before you can give a direction. Find out more about your target audience – what do they want, what are they interested in, what do they watch most often, etc.

The analysis will allow you to obtain interesting data about the viewing habits of the buyer’s persons. This will help you to decide which direction you should take when developing video content.


Keep an eye on competitors

It can be strategic to know your competitors’ video activity. You can identify what your competitors post, how frequently they post it, and how many engagements they create with their content.

This information can be used to help you develop your Youtube b2b marketing strategy. Start with content that is already popular among your target audience. It will increase the likelihood that your videos will be successful.


Find inspiration on your favorite channels

Your favorite YouTube channels, even if they are not in the same market segment can still inspire you.

Consider what you enjoy about their videos, what makes them interesting, and how they might be incorporated into your business.


Optimize your content

Youtube, as we mentioned earlier is also a search engine. For this, the SEO aspect must be well-designed. Also, do you know how much does it cost to make a business website?

Find out which keywords your target audience may be searching for. Make sure to use them along with any related keywords at least in the description.

Create a publishing plan

Programming is essential for any b2b marketing strategy. Users appreciate regularity. For this reason, streaming giants like Netflix tend to publish content every day of the week.

You might also consider using the same approach to your Youtube channel.


Create a campaign that will attract visitors

A b2b marketing campaign could help boost a Youtube channel.

Some of the recommended actions include:

  1. Send an email to the contact list to promote the release of a new video
  2. Encourage subscription to the channel
  3. Make sure you have the videos on your website
  4. Consider launching sponsored campaigns via search engines and social media channels that are most relevant to your target audience.


Optimize and analyze

After you have created the channel, set it up properly, and started to post regular content, don’t stop! Video analysis and optimization should be performed continuously.

These are some of the aspects and interventions you should consider:

  • Tracking your likes
  • Monitoring and responding to comments
  • Analyze views and subscriptions to channels
  • Implementation of keywords
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions, subtitles

Being present on Youtube as a b2b company is essential in today’s market. Video is the preferred format for most users. Your company must be also visible through this content.


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